Fitness Finale

On Friday we did our last Me in a Minute. Comparing the averages from the first time we did it to now there was a huge difference. There was only 1 that we didn’t improve on, and that was Squats. The first time we did squats the average was 55.1 and this time it was 51.8. That’s not a big difference except it’s still decreased. Ballencing on our right leg and left leg has stayed equal with our previous results, both an average of 60sec. Bouncing the tennis balls on a racket has improved by 39.23. This times average was 133.23. Here are the results:

Me In A Minute

Hey! Loooonnnnnggggg time no see! What’s new? Well, this post isn’t all about a reunion, I am writing to talk to you about our new fitness program. It’s called Minnie Me, and it’s when you spend 2 hours completing 14 exercises each in 1 minute.

Why do we do it? I was asking myself the same question! We do this to asses our physical health as well as using it to figure out maths sums.

I know there aren’t 14 excersises there, I’m not bad at maths. I just didn’t do them. Before you judge, the only reason I couldn’t do most if these is because I have a broken arm!

Sit ups-25, Tennis ball in target-11, Tennis balls bouncing on racket-87, Star jumps-75, Balancing on right leg-60sec, Balancing on left leg-60sec, Squats-37, Ski Squats-60sec.

I know, you could probably do better, so tell me your score in the comments below.

The 2 things that I would like to improve on are Squats and star jumps. I will improve this by researching techniques and practising.

Catch you later. Bye

The Final Countdown


Well it was only… 2 hours science I posted my last post, and in that short time, it has been determined which political party is the best of the best. It was counted, using something called preferential voting. To get a better idea of what preferential is, click on the link HERE and watch the video. See you next time.


It has been about 2 weeks since I have posted this post and I feel like I need a new goal. From now to whenever, I am going to focus on Character Voices. See you soon!