Reading Resolutions

imageIf I wrote done the letter 3, I could be referring to anything, I could be saying that today I saw 3 ice creams fall out of the sky, or how I bought  3 puppy dogs the other day. Unfortunately I am not writing about flying ice creams or my cute little puppy’s, but I am writing about the meaning for reading!

when you are reading an interesting book, you should be asking yourself questions as to why something has happened, which is why we have litteral answers, inferential answers and personal answers. The literal answer is when it states the resolution in the text, unlike literal responses, with inferential explanations you have to infer or in other words, connect all the clues from the text and create the most obvious answer. personal is a unique one that only you can respond to. Personal is something that you have personally experienced.

This a an image that helped me understand the 3 types of reading for meaning, and I sincerely hope it will help you to.


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