Me In A Minute

Hey! Loooonnnnnggggg time no see! What’s new? Well, this post isn’t all about a reunion, I am writing to talk to you about our new fitness program. It’s called Minnie Me, and it’s when you spend 2 hours completing 14 exercises each in 1 minute.

Why do we do it? I was asking myself the same question! We do this to asses our physical health as well as using it to figure out maths sums.

I know there aren’t 14 excersises there, I’m not bad at maths. I just didn’t do them. Before you judge, the only reason I couldn’t do most if these is because I have a broken arm!

Sit ups-25, Tennis ball in target-11, Tennis balls bouncing on racket-87, Star jumps-75, Balancing on right leg-60sec, Balancing on left leg-60sec, Squats-37, Ski Squats-60sec.

I know, you could probably do better, so tell me your score in the comments below.

The 2 things that I would like to improve on are Squats and star jumps. I will improve this by researching techniques and practising.

Catch you later. Bye

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