The Recomended Rule

Hi, and welcome to another one of my posts. Today we will be discussing scientific evidence that proves where most peoples eyes are drawn to in photographs! I really do sound like a reporter, don’t I? It has been a while since I have most likely bored or entertained you, (what ever your perspective), with my blog posts. Good to have you back anyway. Back to the point! Like I said in my dramatic news report, today we will be discussing scientific evidence that proves where most humans eyes are drawn to in photographs! Although my news report may seem a little false, the rule of thirds is not! The photos below show my favourite destinations in the school ground.

The pic on the right shows my favourite place now. I mean, who doesn’t like a garden next to the playground! But if you look at the picture, what is the first thing that captures your eye? Me too! Sadly I can’t read your mind, which is just… tragic. I’d love to have a superpower! But it is scientifically proven (look at the photo on the left,) that most of the time, where the lines in the picture intersect is were the viewers eyes are! How cool. You really do learn something everyday! For example, yesterday I discovered that Donald Trumps hair is REAL!!! I mean, how much gel does he put in it?!? It looks like corn!

I hope this post has been entertaining! But for now, its time to say, see ya later alligator! Don’t forget the toilet paper! Seriously, don’t though, I can’t imagine using tissues!