Plants And Veggies, Looks and Tastes

I am here today to show you what the veggie app is and how it works.
The veggie app is an app that you use to help you harvest your plants and veggies. It tells you which season is correct to plant your plants or veggies. It tells you where to plant your plants so it gets enough sun or shade. It has facts to tell you what’s the right thing to do and it also tells you if it eatable or not. If you you go to “my patch” it well tell you all you need to know about the plant. It hold all the information. The app will also tell you if your plant is ready to be harvested or picked. You can heart a plant and that means you find the plant interesting and you wish to plant it in the future. And if your struggling to find a website you can go to “info” it will give you 7 easy websites to visit.