The Best Most Brilliant Biggest Morning Tea

For many families, cancer has effected the people diagnosed with cancer, and those around them, and that is what has happened to a girl called Millie. So she put tons of effort into hosting a Biggest Morning Tea for all of the year 4’s.
1 in 2 men are diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 3 women. It is also the worlds most deadly sickness and why most people are killed.
It was a heart touching moment for my family when my grandfather passed away from cancer so I donated $10 to the cancer council.
This $10 helps offer easy recipes and lunchbox ideas to encourage kids to eat more fruit and veggies to decrease the chance of skin cancer. With all the money raised by the grade 4’s, we had a total of $361. This will help a family that hasn’t been able to work, pay the over dew bill.
This is how important it is to raise money for the cancer council. So stop lying around and throw a Biggest Morning Tea for you’re family and friends to raise money for the cancer council.
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Biggest Morning Tea