Reading Revolting Rhymes with Rhythm and Rhyme

On the 14 of May we presented something special to our grade one buddies. This is what happened: we were split into groups to practise a rhyme from the book revolting rhymes by Roahl Dahl. We each had our own part to read. We were allowed to make small costumes to represent our characters in the story. My group had the rhyme of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but the stories don’t always turn out how you think they do. Our aim of doing this was to try and read with rhythm and rhyme.
Here’s a video of me reading with rhythm and rhyme:

Here’s a video of me interviewing my buddy Ava:

The Most Fantastic Fox Ever

Lately, the class 4B have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox, the most fantastic fox of them all. With one cleaver fox taking of 3 wealthy, horrible farmers, this book is definitely amazing!

‘Down in the valley, there were three farms. The owners of these farms had done well.’
I infer the owners of the farm had done well because they where very wealthy and rich.

‘I can smell these goons a mile away. I can smell one from the other.’
I infer Fantastic Mr Fox can smell the 3 farmers because one smells like the gas of Apple Cider, one smells like chickens and the last one smells like………….. I’ll leave that one for you to find out.

Why do you think Mr. Fox was always especially careful when coming out of his hole?
I infer Mr Fox was especially careful coming out of his whole because he didn’t want to be in the site of the 3 farmers. (Or they’ll shoot him!)

“It will never grow again,” said Mr. Fox. “I shall be tail-less for the rest of my life.” He looked very glum. What does the word glum mean?
I infer the word glum means teary, hurt, gloomy and down.