Mystical Mysteries


Over the last 2 weeks, we have been working towards something I have been exited about all year. The science expedition! Every year, the grade 5’s at New Gisborne Primary School hold an science fair for our parents and other classes. We had to make a model and a poster sized A2 ( which is HUGE!) everyone that came thought not only me, but everyone else did an extraordinary job.

My presentation was based around: I can explain how flash flooding covered Tutankhamen’s tomb. I made a model of a section of the Valley Of The Kings, where king Tut was buried, and his tomb, under a layer of sand. I chose to do that because Ancient Egypt is one of my FAVOURITE subjects so I thought it would be fun to do that. I started to learn and like Ancient Egypt after I watched a TV show with my dad about it. I really enjoyed the science expedition because my dad made a special effort to come. My step sister also managed to come. She was excited about drawing with my friend Grace, whom was standing and working next to me. In my spare time, I had a wander around to see other peoples presentations. There were models representing the D.N.A molecules made out of pipe cleaners, to a real pigs heart. (I got GROSSED OUT!) If had to redo my presentation, I think I would try and manage my time a bit better. Otherwise I think I did pretty well. After reading my poster, please test you knowledge with a quick quiz.