A Cheeky Chitchat

The day has finally come, my day to show off, (my work). It’s parents teacher interview. But unlike you all know, instead of the teachers telling what we have been doing at school, it was us telling our parents. I got a bit shaken up at first, but I over came my nerves. (eventually!)
This is what my mum had to say:

Thank you Amelia for your wonderful presentation tonight. I loved hearing more about what you are learning at school, because whenever I ask you at home what you have learned for the day, you answer “nothing” or “not much”. I look forward to choosing some “just right” books that we can read together in the holidays.

This is a photo of my mum and I at the parent teacher interview.


This is my reflection I wrote to mark what I think I did well and what I think I need to improve on next time./
I thought my lack of eye contact was great and so did Mrs Elder, (my teacher.) All though my lack of eye contact was great it caused me to miss some of my script. Next time I need to slow down.

My suggestion is that you go onto this website to find some books that are just right.