So Many Satisfying Stars In Star Lab

them anyway? The sun is just like our lite bulb in the lounge!” Maria cried with a complexed look on her face. “Maria darling, the sun is not just like a giant light bulb in the sky, it is a large star, that is made of fire!” replied mum. ” well-well, why does the sun have to be the closest and largest.” with that Maria stomped her foot. “Who said it was the largest star. Hang on I might just have some photos of when your great, great, great, great grandfather when he traveled into space, maybe we could use some of those to help.” maum marched up the stairs and came down with a box of tapes and photos. The largest star is called UY- scuti.” As mum showed Maria the photoes. “As you probably know” she went on “it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate, and 365 days for the earth to circle the sun. To tell if it’s summer or winter this is what you do. In Antarctica in summer there is no night. And in Winter in the South Pole, there is no day!” Mum had explained this well, and Maria soon replied. “Awesome, NOW I am looking forward to the star lab tomorrow.